Fulfilling today's calling

El escudo de la fe

Today was great. It was our first day to work at the site and do Vacation Bible School for a local church. Unfortunately, I left in such a big hurry this morning that I forgot my phone was charging in the guys’ room and left it at the seminary, so I didn’t get any pictures at the site or the church. I will do my best to has pictures for you guys tomorrow night.

The work at the site went very well today. We made alot of progress on digging the foundation and getting rebar ready to lay the cement for the foundation. We left for the work site at 7:30 AM and went straight to work once we got there. We had great conversation and shared a morning filled with laughter. We worked until close to Noon and then we were called in for lunch. It was the best spaghetti and meatballs I have ever had, along with garlic bread, a salad with fresh cut mangos, bananas, and some Costa Rican cookies. It was great.

Lee just got here! Lee finally arrived from America and was greeted with hugs.

After lunch we worked for a while longer until we were told that it was time to leave for our first day of Vacation Bible School.

We were warned before we got in the van that this was the longest car ride we would have to get to a church for VBS. The ride to the church was awesome. The scenery was incredible. The church that we went to was way up in the mountains. The altitude was enough to even give some of our group a little bit of a harder time breathing at first.

Once we got to the church we met a great group of kids. We started the lesson off with singing “Cristo me ama” and then we taught the kids about the armor of God.

El casco de la salvacion
(the helmet of salvation)
Coraza de justicia
(the chestplate of justice)
El escudo de la fe
(the sheild of the faith)
Cinturon de la verdad
(the belt of truth)
Le espada del Espiritu
(the sword of the spirit)
Calzados con la disposicion de proclamar el evangelio de la paz
(paraphrased: boots of peace)

After reading Ephesians 6:10-17 we did a coloring sheet with the kids and then they got to color their own escudo de la fe that we made from paper plates and ribbon. They absolutely loved it.

We had a long ride back down the mountain, and our friend Javier that drives us around stopped on the side of the mountain and let us watch the sun set behind another mountain that was close by. It was incredible.

We were stuck in traffic for a Lin time once we started I go through the city. We found out the reason for the traffic was a wreck. Not just any wreck though. The guys that wrecked were very upset and were fighting. The police were there and we passed the group about the time that the police pulled their weapons and the fighters quickly put their hands on the hood of the police cars. It was scary, but Javier reacted with poise and quickly got us away from the situation.

Because of the traffic we were late getting back. When we finally made it back to the seminary we had this wonderful meal waiting for us. Spaghetti with some fresh mozzarella, diced cucumber, fresh cut cantaloupe, and some very fresh bread.


After we ate our great meal we all took showers and got ready for our devotion. Then Lee got here and we had our group meeting, our devotion, and shared our daily highs and lows.

Once again it is time for a good night’s sleep.

Tonight my prayer is one of thanksgiving that our friend Lee made it to Costa Rica safely and is here with us now. Our group was great before, but now that everyone is here it feels alot better. I also pray for endurance again. Several of our folks got sunburned today and we still have four more work days left. We will be fine because our strength comes from the Lord. I am so thankful for this incredible opportunity and I am loving every minute of it. I pray that God will have his hand on us to guide us in our journey this week. Amen.


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